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Unveiling the Your Flower Partner Program

Unveiling the Your Flower Partner Program

Welcome to a transformative era in floral collaborations! At Green Choice Flowers , we understand that being your flower supplier is not just a transaction but a partnership. The "Your Flower Partner" program signifies our commitment to transcending the ordinary, providing not just flowers but a suite of services that elevate your floral business.

1. Subscriptions: Unlocking Online Benefits with Discounts

Enroll in our subscription service to enjoy a bouquet of benefits that extend over time. Our subscription model offers progressive discounts based on the duration of your commitment. Here's a breakdown of subscription durations and associated discounts:

  • Monthly Subscription: 5% Discount
  • Biweekly Subscription: 10% Discount
  • Weekly Subscription: 15% Discount

2. Next Day Service: Last-Minute Excellence at the Same Price

Life in the floral industry can be unpredictable. Our Next Day Service ensures that even with last-minute requests, you receive the same level of excellence without incurring additional charges. Your urgent floral needs are our priority, guaranteeing timely deliveries that uphold your commitment to freshness and quality.

3. Build Your Box: Freedom to Purchase by the Bunch, Any Quantity

Tailor your floral inventory to your exact specifications with our "Build Your Box" feature. Purchase flowers by the bunch, in any quantity that suits your creative vision. This flexibility not only reduces waste but empowers you to curate unique and personalized arrangements, meeting the diverse needs of your clientele.

Offering flexibility by the collection. Explore premium options across collections such as:

4. Smilax Combo Box: Up to $45 Off in Smilax Combinations

Experience affordability without compromising on quality with our Smilax Combo Box. Enjoy substantial discounts of up to $45 on combinations featuring greenery, Eucalyptus, Spray Roses, Peonies, Roses, and Carnations. Elevate your floral designs with cost-effective options that make a bold statement, both aesthetically and economically.

Enjoy significant discounts on combinations including:

These carefully curated combinations not only provide cost-effective solutions but also elevate the visual appeal of your arrangements, creating a lasting impression on your clients.

5. Surprise Flower Box: More Than You Paid For

Indulge in the joy of surprise with our exclusive Surprise Flower Box. Unbox a carefully curated selection of Focals, Fillers, and Greeneries that exceeds the value of your purchase. This delightful offering not only sparks creativity but also ensures that each delivery feels like a gift, adding an element of excitement to your floral endeavors.

The Your Flower Partner program at Green Choice FLowers goes beyond providing flowers; it's about cultivating enduring partnerships. Join us in reshaping the future of floral relationships. Experience the convenience, creativity, and cost-effectiveness that our program brings to your business. Together, let's redefine floral excellence, one exquisite bloom at a time.

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