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The Meaning of Rose Colors: Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Colored Roses for Different Occasions

The Meaning of Rose Colors: Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Colored Roses for Different Occasions

Naturally known for their soft petals, intricate detail, and stunning appearance, roses are one of the most popular types of flowers gifted and received worldwide. People often use these gorgeous flowers to show love, appreciation, gratitude, and happiness to the people who mean the most to them. However, different colors represent various feelings, thoughts, and emotions, so it's important to know the meaning behind these colors before you order roses for that special someone. By the time you've finished this guide, you'll know what different rose colors mean to help you select the perfect color for any occasion, such as an anniversary, get well soon, thank you, or even a birthday.

Red Roses - Love and Romance

One of the most traditional roses of all time is the red rose. Known for its deep, lush red color that captivates attention from afar and often looks best with a bit of baby's breath, these roses perfectly represent genuine love and romance. Red roses are an excellent choice of flower to get for someone special in your life, such as your significant other, because the meaning of red rose is true love. You can use these colorful flowers to let someone special know that you're interested in them romantically or that your love is pure.

Best Sellers: Hearts Rose, Freedom Rose, Black Magic Rose, Explorer Rose.

Beige, Sandy, Musk Roses - Elegance and Romance

These champagne-colored beauties have light pink and lavender hints to give them more of a rustic appearance. The perfect representation of elegance and romance, these roses aren't as bold as red roses but are still a great way to tell someone special you love them. They've also quickly become the rose color of choice for wedding receptions and other special events because of their unique, naturally majestic appearance.

Best Sellers: Quicksand Rose, Toffee Rose.

White Roses - Purity and Innocence

The white rose meaning is all about a sense of youthfulness and innocence. The bold, stunning white shade of these roses naturally draws much attention. It's not uncommon for people to use white roses at wedding receptions. However, they're also an excellent gift for a young child, whether it's their first communion, birthday, or even graduation from elementary school.

Best Sellers: Playa Blanca Rose, Mondial Rose, Polar Star Rose, Tibet Rose, Vendela Rose.

Pink Roses - Femininity and Happiness

The pink rose comes in many shades, from deep, dark pink to a light, pastel shade with a much softer appearance. No matter which shade you choose, these pink roses are incredibly feminine and represent feelings of happiness and excitement. They can add a touch of elegance to any room and are great to give as a gift to nearly anyone, whether it's a friend's birthday party or someone you'd like to thank for their kindness and support during tough times.

Best Sellers: Pink Mondial Rose, Nena Rose, Titanic Rose, Secret Garden Rose, Sweet Unique Rose.

Black Roses - Mourning

Because of its deep darkness, the black rose meaning indicates the loss of someone or something. While some people naturally love all things black and would enjoy receiving these roses as a gift for special occasions, others use them to represent their grief due to the loss of a loved one. It's somewhat traditional to see black roses at viewings and burials. However, when combined with other colored roses, such as red and blue, they can have a different meaning.

Best Seller: Rose Tinted Explorer Black. 

Blue Roses - Mysteriousness

Stunning blue roses give off the perfect accessory and look amazing as a centerpiece on any coffee table or dining room table. The blue rose meaning is all about mystery and the element of surprise. If you're trying to keep things interesting in your relationship while keeping your partner's mind wandering out of excitement, roses in an elegant shade of blue are the perfect flower to choose.

Best Seller: Rose Tinted Mondial Blue Rose

Multicolored Roses - Excitement and Pure Joy

Looking at multicolored roses will surely put a smile on your face. There's something so pleasant about the combination of different colors on the petals of each flower, including shades of yellow, pink, blue, and green. Because they can bring genuine happiness to anyone who sees them, it's only fitting that they would represent excitement and joy. These bright, bold flowers are the perfect gift for anyone during various occasions, including the birth of a baby, the start of a new business, or an anniversary.

Best Sellers: Rose Tinted Bicolor Light Blue White, Tinted Rainbow Roses.

Orange Roses - Energy and Pride

The brightness of orange roses brings natural energy to any room. It's the reason that this color would be perfect to choose when getting a rose for a friend. Lift your loved one's spirits with the light and refreshing orange color representing energy, enthusiasm, and pride.

Best Sellers: Orange Crush Rose, Star 2000 Rose, Nina Rose, Iguana Rose, Free Spirit Rose.

Yellow Roses - Happiness and Friendship

Although once considered the color of jealousy, yellow roses are now the perfect representation of happiness and friendship. When you'd like to cheer a friend up after a bad day or visit a loved one in the hospital after an injury, yellow roses are an excellent choice.

Best Seller: High & Yellow Magic Rose.

Lavender Roses - Enchanting Love

You know that feeling of falling head over heels in love with someone you hardly know? If you've ever experienced it, it's precisely what lavender roses represent. The light purple hue perfectly represents enchantment and new, exciting love, making them ideal for your partner in a new relationship.

Best Sellers: Moody Blues Roses, Cool Water Roses.

Mixed Color Roses - Many Meanings

By mixing different colors of roses in an arrangement, you can send several messages simultaneously. For example, you may choose lavender and blue roses to send a clear message that you're absolutely in love and excited to see where this new journey will take you in the relationship. You could combine white and orange roses for a younger sibling, nephew, or niece who could use a pick-me-up after sustaining an injury. Combine the colors that have meanings you want to send when selecting your arrangement for that special someone in your life.

Best Seller: Assorted Roses.

The Different Types of Beautiful Rose Varieties Available

Most people don't realize hundreds of rose species and hybrids are available. In addition to learning about the meaning of rose colors, it's good to know about some of the different types of roses available. These are some of the most well-known, commonly selected rose species coveted for their delicate touch, elegant appearance, and incredibly fresh, invigorating scent.

Spray Roses

Spray Roses are much smaller yet still as beautiful as traditional roses. They're also available in many unique colors.

Garden Roses

While they've existed long before the 1900s, Garden Roses have such a timeless, sophisticated appearance that people still know and love today.

Best Sellers: Moonstone Garden Rose, Blushing O'hara, White O'hara, Pink O'hara.


While these are some fantastic options, plenty of others are equally beautiful and available in different colors!


When you know more about the color of roses and their meaning, it becomes easier to select the perfect flowers to give as a gift to a special someone, whether it's your partner, best friend, child, sibling, or anyone else.

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