About us

Greenchoice Flowers has over 14 years in the floral industry. We started working with several small farms in Ecuador and then went on to expand our reach in South America. Our idea was simple: How to get beautiful fresh flowers from small growers and boutique producers from South America directly to our clients in the United States. Since then, Greenchoice Flowers has been working hard at providing high quality flowers and service in places as diverse as Stevensville, Montana; Fairbanks, Alaska or Brooklyn, New York.

We are not part of a large corporation, we don’t manage endless flower inventories nor have thousands of orders arriving at us daily. We take each order as if it was unique, and we make sure it is treated as carefully as possible. When choosing your flowers, we carefully select the farm that has the best product available at that moment for your order. On the other hand, we have been able to develop a deep understanding of our client’s needs. We have taken the time to understand their business environment, processes and products they use. We have gained the trust of our clients, delivering beyond expectations product and creating value for all involved stakeholders.

Our goal is to facilitate the time consuming and tedious process of flower purchasing and getting you the flowers you chose to your door, so you can focus exclusively on creating stunning arrangements and manage your business.





Provide florists and designers the best floral products available, focusing on superior customer service and excellent logistics at the most convenient prices.  







We are very selective with the farms we work with and vet them thoroughly before sending any products. Most of them have been with us for more than 6 years working on a daily basis.  We have personally visited almost all of them. We have visit them in places like a peony farm in Osorno, Chile; a summer flower fams in Tumbaco, Ecuador; hydrangea farms in Rio Negro, Colombia, etc… Aside from the quality, we take into account the care of the environment, workers compensations, water care and fair trade practices. Because flower growing is not only about developing the best products but maintaining a content and healthy community. 


We work with the most reliable logistics companies to guarantee the arrival of your flowers at to your doorstep in a timely manner. We trust our fellow farms to handle flower growth while we concentrate on creating the optimal distribution network with couriers, trucking lines, airlines so reaches your hands in the fastest possible way, while maintaining quality, freshness and beauty of your product.


We believe designers deserve the widest variety of exclusive and high quality products for them to create jaw dropping events. This is why we offer the largest variety of roses and flower in the market, we will make sure you get any flower you desire. And if it’s not listed on out catalog, just contact us and we will get it for you!


We offer florists as well, the biggest flower variety of top quality products in the best quantities and deals out there. We have continuously worked to find the best assortments for you to get all the products you need in the quantities you need, so you don’t have to worry about ordering bulks of flowers you do not need,  in order to get a specific variety. Just contact us and we will find the perfect combination of flower for you and your shop!

Responsible Management

We hold loyal alliance with all our farms and providers. We make sure every grower we work abides by responsible sustainable practices. Most of our providers have certifications, like Rainforest Alliance Certifications and Fair Trade Certification. In this way we not only guarantee you receiving the best products, but every time you do business with us, you are helping local communities grow in an environmentally sustainable way.




 Peonies from Chile

Peonies from Osorno, Chile.


Roses from Ecuador

Roses from Cayambe, Ecuador.


Hydrangeas from Río Negro, Colombia.