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Unveiling the Your Flower Partner Program

Unveiling the Your Flower Partner Program 0

Welcome to a transformative era in floral collaborations! At Green Choice Flowers , we understand that being your flower supplier is not just a transaction but a partnership. The "Your Flower Partner" program signifies our commitment to transcending the ordinary, providing not just flowers but a suite of services that elevate your floral business.

1. Subscriptions: Unlocking Online Benefits with Discounts

Enroll in our subscription service to enjoy a bouquet of benefits that extend over time. Our subscription model offers progressive discounts based on the duration of your commitment. Here's a breakdown of subscription durations and associated discounts:

  • Monthly Subscription: 5% Discount
  • Biweekly Subscription: 10% Discount
  • Weekly Subscription: 15% Discount

2. Next Day Service: Last-Minute Excellence at the Same Price

Life in the floral industry can be unpredictable. Our Next Day Service ensures that even with last-minute requests, you receive the same level of excellence without incurring additional charges. Your urgent floral needs are our priority, guaranteeing timely deliveries that uphold your commitment to freshness and quality.

3. Build Your Box: Freedom to Purchase by the Bunch, Any Quantity

Tailor your floral inventory to your exact specifications with our "Build Your Box" feature. Purchase flowers by the bunch, in any quantity that suits your creative vision. This flexibility not only reduces waste but empowers you to curate unique and personalized arrangements, meeting the diverse needs of your clientele.

Offering flexibility by the collection. Explore premium options across collections such as:

4. Smilax Combo Box: Up to $45 Off in Smilax Combinations

Experience affordability without compromising on quality with our Smilax Combo Box. Enjoy substantial discounts of up to $45 on combinations featuring greenery, Eucalyptus, Spray Roses, Peonies, Roses, and Carnations. Elevate your floral designs with cost-effective options that make a bold statement, both aesthetically and economically.

Enjoy significant discounts on combinations including:

These carefully curated combinations not only provide cost-effective solutions but also elevate the visual appeal of your arrangements, creating a lasting impression on your clients.

5. Surprise Flower Box: More Than You Paid For

Indulge in the joy of surprise with our exclusive Surprise Flower Box. Unbox a carefully curated selection of Focals, Fillers, and Greeneries that exceeds the value of your purchase. This delightful offering not only sparks creativity but also ensures that each delivery feels like a gift, adding an element of excitement to your floral endeavors.

The Your Flower Partner program at Green Choice FLowers goes beyond providing flowers; it's about cultivating enduring partnerships. Join us in reshaping the future of floral relationships. Experience the convenience, creativity, and cost-effectiveness that our program brings to your business. Together, let's redefine floral excellence, one exquisite bloom at a time.

  • Martin Molina
Mastering Your Subscription: A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Your Subscription: A Comprehensive Guide 0

  1. Where do I find the Subscribe option on each product?

    • The Subscribe option is available on each product page. When browsing a product, you'll encounter two choices: "One-Time Purchase" and "Subscribe and Save." Opt for the latter to explore various subscription options.

    • Subscription Confirmation Email: Upon successfully subscribing to our product, an automated confirmation email will be dispatched to your registered email address. Please ensure to check both your primary inbox and spam folder for this communication. Within the confirmation email, you will find a dedicated subscription management button. Clicking on this button will redirect you to our platform's subscription section.

  2. How many options of Subscription tiers do I have in discounts and periods?

    • You have three enticing subscription tiers:
      • Weekly Subscription: 15% discount with weekly renewals.
      • Biweekly Subscription: 10% discount with renewals every two weeks.
      • Monthly Subscription: 5% discount with monthly renewals.

  3. What are the Minimum Subscription Durations?

    • Minimum durations are as follows:
      • Weekly Subscription: 3 weeks.
      • Biweekly Subscription: 3 fortnights.
      • Monthly Subscription: 3 months; however, there's no upper limit unless stock shortages occur.

  4. Could I Cancel, Modify, or Reschedule my Subscription?

    • Yes, you have the flexibility to:
        1. Canceling Your Subscription:

          • After the minimum subscription duration has been fulfilled, you have the option to cancel your subscription.
          • To do this, log in to your Shipify account and navigate to the "Subscription" or "Manage Subscriptions" section.
          • Find the subscription you wish to cancel and follow the provided prompts to terminate the subscription.
          • Confirm the cancellation to complete the process.
        2. Modifying Your Subscription:

          • The modification options offer flexibility to adapt your subscription to changing preferences.
          • Access your Subscription Dashboard within your Shipify account.
          • Look for the subscription you want to modify and select the relevant options.
          • Adjust the quantity of items, change the renewal frequency (weekly, biweekly, monthly), or explore different product variations within the subscribed line.
          • Confirm your modifications to update the subscription details.
        3. Rescheduling Your Subscription:

          • Rescheduling allows you to align the delivery dates with your convenience.
          • Log in to your Shipify account and access the Subscription Dashboard.
          • Locate the subscription you wish to reschedule and find the rescheduling options.
          • Choose a new delivery date that suits your schedule and confirm the changes.
          • Your subscription will now adhere to the updated delivery schedule.

        It's important to note that these features are designed to provide you with maximum control over your subscription. The Subscriptions  ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing you to seamlessly make adjustments, cancel, or reschedule your subscription according to your evolving preferences. These functionalities empower you to tailor your subscription to your specific needs with just a few clicks.

  5. How is the process of my Subscription?

    • The process involves selecting "Subscribe and Save" on the product page, choosing a subscription tier, committing to a minimum duration, and enjoying discounts. Post-subscription, manage your preferences easily through the Subscription Dashboard.

    • After successfully subscribing to our premium products, you will receive a confirmation email containing a personalized link. This link provides direct access to your Subscription Dashboard, where you can effortlessly manage various aspects of your subscription. Follow these steps:

      1. Subscription Confirmation Email:

        • Upon subscription, check your inbox for a confirmation email. This email is crucial as it contains a unique link tailored to your subscription.
      2. Click the Link:

        • Open the email and click on the provided link. This will redirect you to your personalized Subscription Dashboard.
      3. Access Subscription Dashboard:

        • Once on the Subscription Dashboard, you'll find a user-friendly interface showcasing details of your active subscriptions, upcoming deliveries, and other relevant information.

  6. How do I manage my subscription after I get one?

    After subscribing, log in to your Shipify account and navigate to the "Subscription" or "Manage Subscriptions" section. There, you can:

    1. Modify Subscription Details:

      • Easily modify your subscription by adjusting quantity, changing the renewal frequency, or updating product variations.
    2. Reschedule Deliveries:

      • Tailor the delivery schedule according to your preferences. Choose a more convenient delivery date with just a few clicks.
    3. Cancellation Options:

      • If the need arises, explore the cancellation option within the dashboard. Follow the provided steps to terminate your subscription.
    4. Receive Notifications:

      • Stay informed with timely notifications regarding upcoming deliveries, changes to subscription details, or any potential stock shortages. This ensures you are always in the loop about your subscription.

  7. Can I skip a delivery without canceling my subscription?

    • Yes, the Subscriptions on Shipify offers flexibility. You can skip a scheduled delivery without canceling your entire subscription. This allows you to manage your deliveries according to your preferences and needs.
  8. What happens if an item in my subscription is out of stock?

    • In the event that an item in your subscription is out of stock, you will be notified in advance before the scheduled delivery date. The Subscription ensures transparency by informing you of any stock shortages, giving you the opportunity to make adjustments to your subscription or await the next available stock.
  • GreenChoice Flowers Blog Team
Smilax Creative Challenge

Smilax Creative Challenge 0

Green Choice Flowers brings you the "Smilax Creative Challenge". Are you passionate using foliage in your design work? Do you have a unique touch with our Smilax product? This is your chance to shine and win!

Floral art rewards you! 🌸💚

Smilax Creative Challenge Terms & Conditions

By participating in the Smilax Creative Challenge organized by Green Choice Flowers, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:


The contest is open to residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

Green Choice Flowers employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate.

Contest Mechanics:

To participate, you must follow Green Choice Flowers on at least one of the following social networks: Instagram (@greenchoiceflowers), Facebook (Green Choice Flowers), or Pinterest (@greenchoiceflowers).

You must create a post on your chosen social network, which includes an image or videos of a creative design in which you have used our Smilax product.

In the description of the post, tag @greenchoiceflowers and use the hashtag #SmilaxCreativeChallenge.

The winner must share photographs of their prize on their profiles on any social networks.


  • On 12/15/2023, we will select 3 lucky winners.9
  • Each of the 3 winners will receive 2 boxes (20 lbs) of our prized product, Smilax.
  • Choosing the winners will be exciting: we will do a raffle with all the publications from any of the social networks (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) a raffle will be done among all the posts and 3 winners will be chosen, the more posts you publish the more chances of winning you have
  • Each price is equivalent
  • Each prize is valued at over $500.
  • The winner will receive one box of Smilax in 2023 and and another one in 2024, according to their preferred date!

Use of Content:

By entering the contest, you grant Green Choice Flowers the right to use the images and contest-related content (tagged posts and hashtagged #SmilaxCreativeChallenge) on our platforms and marketing materials, with due credit to the author of the post.

Closing Date:

The Smilax Creative Challenge contest will run from 10/20/2023 to 12/15/2023, the winner will be announced on 12/16/2023

Notification of Winners:

Winners will be notified via a comment on their winning post and a direct message on the corresponding social network.

Green Choice Flowers will endeavor to contact winners within 7 days. If a winner does not respond within this timeframe, a new winner will be selected.


This contest is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Green Choice Flowers reserves the right to modify or cancel the contest at any time.

By entering, you agree to these terms and conditions and confirm that you have read and understood all contest rules.

  • Martin Molina
7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Smilax in Your Wedding Decor

7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Smilax in Your Wedding Decor 0

When it comes to creating a magical atmosphere for your wedding, few elements can transform a space as elegantly and effortlessly as smilax. This lush and versatile greenery can be used in countless creative ways to enhance your wedding decor. Whether your wedding is graced with chandeliers, stunning tables, a grand staircase, beautiful walls, arches, entryways, or captivating installations, smilax can add that touch of natural beauty you've been searching for. In this blog, we'll explore seven enchanting ideas on how to incorporate smilax into your wedding decor, ensuring your big day is a truly unforgettable experience.

1. Chandeliers Draped in Green:

Picture your reception bathed in a soft, romantic glow emanating from elegant chandeliers. Elevate their charm by delicately draping smilax vines around the chandelier arms, allowing the leaves to cascade gently. This organic touch will infuse a sense of whimsy and elegance, creating an enchanting ambiance that complements the romantic spirit of your wedding.

2. Tables Adorned with Nature:

Every reception table is a canvas waiting to be transformed. Lay the foundation with crisp linens and tasteful centerpieces, and then weave smilax along the table's edge. Create a lush table runner or even intertwine individual leaves with place settings for an intimate touch of nature. The result is a harmonious fusion of the outdoors and your carefully curated decor, providing a refreshing and captivating aesthetic.

3. Ascending the Grand Staircase:

If your venue boasts a grand staircase, seize the opportunity to create a mesmerizing focal point. Wind smilax vines along the handrails, allowing them to cascade gracefully down the steps. The intertwining greenery not only adds visual appeal but also guides guests' eyes upward, enhancing the dramatic effect of the staircase and making for stunning photos.

4. Whimsical Greenery Walls:

Greenery walls have become a beloved trend in wedding decor, and smilax takes them to the next level. Whether as a backdrop for the ceremony or a photo booth, smilax can be woven into the lattice or trellis of the wall, infusing life and vibrancy into the setting. The result is a lush, captivating background that perfectly frames the most memorable moments of your special day.

5. Embracing the Arch of Dreams:

Exchange your vows under a breathtaking arch adorned with smilax. This versatile greenery can be artfully draped across the arch, creating a seamless blend of nature and architecture. The arch becomes a symbolic representation of growth and unity, with the smilax serving as a reminder of the beauty that flourishes in love.

6. Inviting Entryways:

Set the tone for your wedding from the moment guests arrive by framing the entryway with smilax. Whether it's a garden gate, a rustic wooden doorway, or an elegant arch, the addition of smilax can transform the entrance into a magical passage. This natural welcome sets the stage for the enchantment that awaits within.

7. Captivating Installations:

For a show-stopping visual masterpiece, consider incorporating smilax into an eye-catching installation. From hanging installations above the dance floor to suspended arrangements in the reception area, smilax can be shaped into captivating designs that captivate the gaze and imagination. These installations not only infuse the space with elegance but also create a memorable and immersive experience for your guests.

Your wedding day is a canvas upon which you can paint your love story, and smilax is the brush that adds the lush strokes of nature's beauty. By incorporating this versatile greenery into your chandeliers, tables, staircases, walls, arches, entryways, and installations, you can create a wedding atmosphere that is both magical and unforgettable. Let smilax be the thread that weaves nature's charm through every corner of your celebration, ensuring that your big day is truly a masterpiece of love and enchantment.

Experience the Pinnacle of Quality

At Greenchoice Flower, we understand that your wedding day deserves nothing but the best. Our smilax is meticulously sourced, nurtured, and selected to guarantee exceptional quality. Each vibrant leaf and gracefully cascading vine is a testament to our dedication to excellence. We take pride in delivering smilax that embodies the very essence of nature's charm, allowing you to create a wedding experience that's truly breathtaking.

Unbeatable Prices, Unmatched Value

We believe that exquisite beauty should be accessible to all, which is why we offer smilax at prices that are as enchanting as the greenery itself. Our commitment to affordability doesn't mean compromising on quality; rather, it means empowering you to elevate your wedding decor without stretching your budget. With us, you'll discover that creating a mesmerizing atmosphere doesn't require sacrificing financial prudence.

  • Martin Molina
Buy Just Right, Create Beautiful: Build Your Box for Affordable Floral Creations

Buy Just Right, Create Beautiful: Build Your Box for Affordable Floral Creations 0

Have you ever wished you had total control over the products you buy?

At our business, we understand that every customer has unique needs when it comes to flowers. That's why we're excited to introduce our new "Build Your Box" service. With this option, you can create your own custom bouquet by selecting the exact amount of flowers you want, from 8 to 13 bunches. In this blog, we will explore the practical and economical benefits of buying only what you need and how our "Build Your Box" service can meet your demands.

All Build Your Box Orders Include Free Shipping To Your Door

"Take charge of your floral creativity! With our 'Build Your Box' service, you are the architect of your own creations. Choose the flowers that inspire you and create unique, customized arrangements that reflect your style and vision."

  • Martin Molina

Viva Magenta Flower Inspiration 2023 0

In the exciting world of flowers, the arrival of a new year always brings great anticipation, especially when it comes to Pantone's color of the year announcement. In 2023, Pantone has proclaimed the vibrant and captivating magenta as the leading color, and at Green Choice Flowers, we are thrilled to showcase how this color beautifully merges with our high-quality flowers. Dive into this fascinating journey of the relationship between magenta and the flowers we offer, such as roses, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, and glamini, and discover how you can incorporate this shade into various events.

The Fascination of Magenta: Discover What Pantone Says: Magenta, chosen by Pantone as the standout hue of 2023, captivates us with its boldness and sophistication. According to Pantone, magenta exudes energy, passion, and confidence, making it a perfect choice for creating impactful floral arrangements.
  1. Magical Roses: The Majesty of Magenta: Magenta-hued roses, with their charm and elegance, stand out in any floral arrangement. These flowers are ideal for weddings and formal events, symbolizing love, beauty, and admiration.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  2. Peonies: The Lush Charm of Magenta: Magenta peonies bring a dose of romance and opulence to any floral design. Their delicacy and abundance make them a perfect choice for weddings and special celebrations.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Anemones and Ranunculus: Vibrant and Daring Touch: Magenta anemones and ranunculus add a touch of boldness and originality to floral arrangements. Their vibrant color and unique texture make them ideal for contemporary and modern events.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
    Glamini: Miniature Sophistication: Glamini flowers in magenta tones stand out for their elegance in miniature form. These versatile flowers are perfect for adding charm and sophistication to any intimate event.                                                                                                                                                                          

      The vivacious magenta color, along with our exquisite selection of flowers, brings a touch of vibrancy and elegance to various events and celebrations. For weddings, magenta blooms like roses, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, gerberas, amaranths, and glamini create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Their rich hues perfectly complement bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements, adding a pop of color and sophistication to the occasion.

      At Green Choice Flowers, we are delighted to present magenta as Pantone's color of the year for 2023. Through our beautiful flowers, such as roses, peonies, anemones, ranunculus, gerberas, amaranths, and glamini in magenta tones, we invite our florist and floral designer clients in the United States to embrace the elegance and passion that this color represents. Magenta adds a vibrant touch to any event, from weddings and formal occasions to contemporary and avant-garde celebrations.

      With our high-quality flowers and the versatility of magenta, you can create stunning arrangements that captivate and enchant. Explore the endless possibilities and let magenta be your guide in creating unforgettable floral experiences. Green Choice Flowers is here to provide you with the finest selection of magenta-hued blooms, ensuring that your designs leave a lasting impression. Embrace the power of magenta and elevate your floral creations to new heights.

      • Martin Molina