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Winter Season, Winter Weddings and Winter Shenanigans

Winter Season, Winter Weddings and Winter Shenanigans

Winter is here!

Besides having Santa Claus and Christmas trees decorating every inch of every city and town, florists and designers are thinking, “how can I outstand from a regular christmas decoration?”

Fall is over and we just made it into winter. Everyone is excited about Christmas and the white vales of snow that gently lay above every street and every park in the area. Children make snowmen and play with snow sleds all around the place, meanwhile parents prepare chocolate to warm their bodies and hearts against the harsh climate. It's truly a warm season besides the negative degrees and the hard winds that blow in the outside. While you, a florist or a designer, may be thinking how to create a cold like floral arrangement, we tell you the opposite! Create something warm and loving that contrasts with the pale and dull colors of winter!




You may think of all the white and cold elements that compose a winter season: snow, opaque leaves, lack of bright colors, covered skies, nevertheless what you must ask yourself is, what makes people so excited about winter?


People will not drink hot chocolate on the beach or during the summer. People won't wear large cozy blankets and jackets during warm days. What makes people so fuss about winter is the opportunity to bring warmth and love to the cold and dull atmosphere of the season.



As we always like to point out, bouquets are one of the most important element when designing a wedding since it will escort the bride all along.

It's important to match the bouquet with the weddings tematic, as we have mentioned in previous blogs if you are doing a fall wedding it's always important to focus in arid colors and rustic elements, styles and tones. This time you will focus on winter.

What you must always think is that white winter colors will already be present all around. Now you must focus in create something that stands out!


Bright, vivid colors will not create a good contrast with the whole winter atmosphere, so you must focus on finding rather opaque colors that blend in with winter tones but create a nice and jazzy contrast.


To start with, it's important to select a correct variety of greenery to fill up your bouquet. You don’t want something too vivid but neither too dark. An Italian Ruscus can be a good option to make a nice filler decoration. 


Dusty miller could be a good option as well, nevertheless you must be careful with it since its dull colors and tones can result in a gloomy bouquet. For details and textures it can work just fine!


Any other filler you choose you use must be in accord with what type of flower you will use and the rest of elements you choose for the whole wedding. You can always consider Eucalyptus and Olive Branches as fillers!


Now let's talk about flowers. You will always have white blooms constructing the bouquet, nevertheless the choice of rose or flower is very important, as the colors you use.


Red will always predominate, this color is the favorite of many brides. But how about pink or violet. These different colors, similar in the color palette, will add interesting tones to your bouquets.  


When choosing the types of flowers to use we will always recommend roses and peonies, nevertheless you can consider other sorts like Scoop Scabiosa or Carnations.


For your white blooms we recommend to use Polar Star Rose or Jeanne Moreau. We don’t recommend creamy white or anything that is not pure and snow white for this season. It will cause the arrangement to look dirty and it's not in line with the elements.


The best red bloom out there for you to choose is the Hearts Rose, for it has an opaque burgundy red that will go great with your winter bouquets.


If you want some pink as well, some blooms that will go great and you may find similar are the Sarah Bernhardt Peony and the Moody Blues Rose, these roses have a pale pink rather than a hot or vivid pink that may go out of focus.

An extra we want to share with you is the Strawberry Scoop Scabiosa, this bloom has a perfect violet/purple color that will add the elegant but joyful detail you are looking for.


With these useful tips for bouquet creation you can now head on to make your own.

Remember you can use these tips for any other arrangements like centerpieces or crowns!

Just stay in line with the season and the design!



Winter Special Elements


Each season has its own unique colors and elements. Fall has arid and yellowish tones, leafs all over the place and rusty tones, for example.


Winter will most likely be associated with Christmas, and while this is a beautiful thing, many brides and grooms dream of a white winter wedding but it may turn out to be too christmasy.


This may be true if things are not done appropriately, hence you should stick to certain techniques, like the bouquet creating ones and avoid getting married with Santa Claus ornament by your side.


This is why you should focus on winter techniques and elements, even though some may turn a little too christmasy.


Some interesting details you can add to your wedding are furry coats and blankets.


Giving these out or just using them as decoration or for photos will add that cozy and warm feeling that will stand out of all the coldness of the season.


To transmit warm and cozy feelings, you may also consider giving out hot chocolate or any other hot and sweet dessert or beverage. There are emblematic to the season, because who doesn't love a cup of hot chocolate in a cold winter day!


Some designers have recommend the use of horses to escort the bride or just for photo uses. This may be a little hard to find or up over the budget, but it is indeed an interesting detail. 


Taking pictures in forests is another great idea. Everybody knows that with snow and the weather, landscapes during winter can come up to be quite charming. Use this to your advantage and take pictures with this dreamy landscapes. (plus it is budget friendly!)


Last but not least, Winterberries. These playful fellas are great to decor any event whether is for Christmas or a wedding.


What is so great about these berries is their color and ability to grown so perfectly under rough winter conditions. This is why they are so emblematic for this season.


You may find them in bouquets, crown, centerpieces, indoor arrangements, Christmas trees and just about anywhere during this time of the year.


So take advantage of these berries and use them to create something beautiful!


Use these techniques to add a special touch to your event and decorations!


Remember always take out what is best of the season!




Winter is a magical season. The only time a year we get to witness snow and make the best out of it.


Getting a winter wedding is something many people desire, but is also a careful job to handle.


We recommend the use of many blooms and flowers to create the best arrangements and bouquets for this season, by spotlighting the use of opaque colors rather than bright and shiny colors.


Don’t get caught by the dull and cold textures of winter and focus on creating contrast with warm and lively textures so your creations are magical and unique.


Live and experience winter for what it is and represents!


We hope you have a fun time creating masterpieces for this season, but most important we wish you spend a magical time with your loved ones during the holidays.


Winter is an opportunity to bring warmth and love to the cold and dull atmosphere of the season.


Happy Holidays!



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