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New floral trends for unique fall wedding arrangements

New floral trends for unique fall wedding arrangements

Fall wedding season is almost here and being such a jammed season, many florists and designers wonder “how can I create something new and outstanding for this fall”?


Countless brides and grooms are excited to get married during such colorful and merry epoque, nevertheless they all want their wedding to be special, unique and perfect. When we think of fall weddings we relate to color pallets including orange, brown and yellow. Since you won’t many options colorwise, you must choose to be original in other ways; using rare types of flowers or using original materials and tools for instance. Using apples or succulents to create fresh and crisp bouquets or floral crowns for the brides are some of the solutions to create an outstanding fall wedding.





Designing and creating a bouquet may be one of the most crucial parts when designing a wedding. Scorting a bride on her special day is not an easy job.


As a designer you don't want to do something that doesn't please the bride, and if she wants a fall wedding you must respect her wishes.


You may want to search for orange, red or burgundy flowers. You may consider garden roses, peonies or callas. With their multiple colors and tones you can try different combinations to create innovative designs that really stand out.


You can also try succulents. With their green and opaque tones they will surely add a special touch to the bouquet.


As rare as it may seem, it has been a recent trend within florists and designers to create humongous wedding decorations and arrangements made with different types of greenery. For instance eucalyptus will surely make breathtaking designs.


Don’t stay out of fashion and mix some greenery on your fall bouquets to leverage your success!


Being original is another important point. Giving a rustic touch to your bouquets has been quite popular, use berries and small veggies to decorate.

In addition to adding uncommon materials, feathers and ribbons can also be a great compliment to give you bouquets a special original touch. If you are going



Remember there is no shortcut to a perfect bouquet, just let your ideas and creativity flow in accompaniment of these tips and inspirational advice.





When creating decorations, centerpieces are not that different from creating a bouquet. With the slight difference that you can be more copious with your flowers and ideas.


You don't want a bouquet to steal the spotlight from the bride as she walks down the aisle, but with centerpieces you know you want have that problem as they will peacefully rest on each table.


Since its fall we are clear on which colors to stick to. Orange, yellow, brown and burgundy will surely predominate all your arrangements, including your centerpieces, but you can always try new styles.

How about some greenery to add a gentle touch of freshness to the ambiance. Or just small specks of green around your arrangements will surely give the guests something to talk about.


How about combining different elements besides flowers? We talked about berries and small veggies for bouquets, but with centerpieces you can leave modesty aside. Apples, apricots or pumpkins can, and will, add a rustic sense to your arrangements.


Make sure they look fresh and they have intense colors.


But also make sure your centerpiece doesn't look like a fruit salad! Remember it's a floral arrangement!


If you want a vintage appeal for your arrangments , you want to consider using chandeliers, rusty silver vases, bronze ornaments, or any other vintage looking arrangements you like and find. Don’t be afraid to try new things.


Coming back to the basics, the best flower to use, recommended by designers, are roses, peonies, ranunculus and chrysanthemums. All of these flowers have majestic shapes and texture as well as a varied color pallet.


Have you ever heard about craspedias? This small yellow fellas will also add great detail to your centerpieces!


When talking about greenery, you must always consider succulents. Their opaque color and soft texture will go hand in hand with most of your choice of flowers.


You can also take a look at dusty miller, baby eucalyptus or even green wicky which will surely also go great in your arrangements to add freshness and will work as an amazing filler.


You have a good base now to start exploring and creating. Get you centerpiece inspiration going!





Unlike bouquets and centerpieces, crowns are not a must have in a wedding unless the bride specifically asks for one.


If you choose to try something different or you really which to take it to another level, you may propose the bride to use one.


Crowns will be way more delicate and serene. You don’t want a whole bunch of flowers hanging from the bride's forehead covering up her face.


Florists and designers recommend using smaller but colorful blooms for this type of arrangement. Spray Roses are the best option, as they will display the same color and shape as a regular rose, but in a smaller scale.


Keeping it simple will always be the best option, but if the bride demands for a huge crown for hear head you may want to consider bigger blooms and plants.


Make sure your crown has the right amount of color, and it will surely be something to talk about!







We have specifically found some tips from experienced designers on how to create the best arrangements. Nevertheless, there are always certain details and styles you can apply to the whole wedding ambience rather than to each specific arrangement.


You won’t use big adornments and fruits to arrange a bouquet, but you may use them for a centerpiece. You may seek just small blooms for a crown, but you rather create a more striking bouquet by using greenery and big roses.



There is always a certain pattern that will follow all your arrangements to maintain your style. For example, maintaining a fall color pallet and not mixing other colors, maintaining similar types of flowers or using the same type of greenery.



Some original tips you may consider will be adding leaves to you overall ambience. Fall leaves are a typical symbol of this season.


You can spread them around on the floor or add them as a filling. anyways it will help you get a more fall type atmosphere.


Other ways to add leaves to a wedding would be as small details scattered around the event. As napkin holders, plate details or cake decorations.


Implementing the leaves will be a great way to add a sophisticated detail to your events.

On the other hand, as we mentioned to you before, using veggies or fruits is a great idea. Apples are another common and original way to add the whole natural fall spirit to your wedding.


Apples are not only a delicious option for desserts or sweetery. It's true that candied apples or apple sweets are a perfect, but as an arrangement they will also glow.


Just as the previously mentioned leaves, apples can be places as napkin holders. Also you can use them as filling in glass vases for your floral arrangements, or as a stand for table name stands.



Apples are a delicious and beautiful tool waiting to be used! Be creative and take advantage of it!





Floral arrangements are always one of the most crucial parts of a wedding. When it comes to fall weddings, it's important to make the right choices regarding flowers and color palettes.


When it comes to flowers, the best options will always be roses, peonies, ranunculus and chrysanthemums according to experienced and popular designers. This is because of their majestic shapes and petals, plus their extensive color options.


When you think about fall, the first colors you think about are red, orange, yellow and burgundy. you should stick those colors to keep the fall style alive, but don´t be afraid to throw some greenery in there!


Greenery, other important factor! You can choose to use opaque colored plants like dusty miller or baby eucalyptus to maintain a similar scheme. Nevertheless, using vivid green can also be a great detail!


It's important for you to understand what the bride wants. If she asks for a big or small bouquet you should be able to satisfy her. Same with crowns, centerpieces, floral arrangements, vases or any sort of decoration.


We hope this information and examples can be of good use to you!


Fall season is here so get your hands to work and let the creativity flow!


Good Luck!

















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