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Increase your Floral Photography Game

Increase your Floral Photography Game

A fundamental step on having a successful marketing campaign, whether its online or not, is being able to transmit and show your products in the most creative and original way. As we previously mentioned to you on previous posts, the imagery and feel of the products is extremely important when dealing with products like flowers.

You can read more about Digital Marketing for florists here, and some tips for your store here.

Again, when working with flowers, Instagram and Pinterest are the social media pages to aim for. Flowers’ main characteristic is their physical beauty displayed by their shape, texture and colors. Hence, these photo based social media platforms are ideal.

We believe it's important, and we want to share with you the basics on producing quality photos for you to publish on your social media. Many times hiring a professional photographer can cost you hundreds of dollars. When just having a good camera or even a decent smartphone camera can be enough if you know how to use them in the right way.

It's crucial for you to know how to capture the real essence of a flower, this way other people will be more interested in your products. Finding an interesting picture of a flower make people want to make a click, enter a store or ask about your products and services. And that is what we want for you.

In most of the cases applying a good effect or shooting under the right circumstances is more important and efficient than having a thousand dollar camera.

Continue reading for some great tips and ideas for your photography skills!

Good Luck!


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