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Chapel Designers: Creating a Handmade Florist Community

Chapel Designers: Creating a Handmade Florist Community

On 2010, a simple but decisive message is sent by Holly Chapple via twitter.

What comes next is truly amazing. A creative group of talented and skillful floral designers is founded by the name of Chapel Designers.

Holly Chapple

Also known as the “Flower Mama”, Holly Chapple, is a talented floral designer from the suburban area of Virginia.

Her floral style is defined as elegant and fresh, as she combines high quality flowers and a keen eye for detail.

She is known for her dedication, great sense of style and impeccable leadership skills, the perfect  combination to lead a group of floral designers.

The Flower Mama, had the desire to share her ultimate passion with other people.

After a long career dealing with various events, varieties of flowers and different types of venues, Holly had what she needed to be considered one on the top floral designers in her state and country.

Getting people together was just a small part of the challenge.  There were people already searching for a creative environment, hence Holly founded the group under the name of Chapel Designers.

Creating a Community

It’s fascinating how people can connect and form valuable communities based on what they love and yearn.

With simple tools like a computer, a smartphone, and a social media account, people have been able to create virtual networks of people sharing their same interests. An unthinkable feat just a few years ago.

In the case of Holly Chapple, it took no more than a tweet to find out there were many like minded people.


Amazingly, she was able to form a community, giving them a venue where they could share their passion and a sense of belonging.

She noted, it was important for the group to reach a higher purpose and motivation.

It’s difficult to do what you love when there is no one around who understands you, but it was encouraging to have people sharing your experiences and thoughts.

Holly made sure that people with passion for floral designing get the right teachings, encouragement and support among other people to keep their craft alive and growing.

Creating an appropriate environment, made by designers for designers, was a key element to engage new people to become part of the group.

It was important to set goals and share achievements within the group, in that way, it gained popularity and credibility.

Multiple events, conferences and seminars were key to get everyone to collaborate, and the best part is that people were always eager to learn and share information.

Working to Improve Floral Design Industry

But is not all fun and games, even if we are dealing with something we love, it requires hard work and big sacrifices.

Organizing and working to make this group succeed, long nights and stressful days was something Holly and the rest of the group had to go through.

By organizing seminars and conferences, everyone had the chance to learn and grasp new ideas and styles.

It was the perfect opportunity for everyone to participate and talk, creating a collaborative open forum.


Considering how art and design works, one of the main goals is to encourage each member to discover and preserve their own style and technique.


It is fundamental to learn, apply and experiment with new creative methods besides your own, creating a growing environment. You also grasp new ideas and then apply it to your own.


Some of the topics discussed in the group include problem solving where different challenges are addressed within the the community and how to overcome them.


Other topics that are addressed in the group are how you deal with providers in a way that you your reputation is never compromised and the relation with your clients is always enhanced.


Furthermore, regarding design trends and style, promoting originality is said to be a catalyst that pushes the development of newer and even better styles and ideas.


When talking about design, the main idea is creativity, being able to adapt your own to your work.


Chapel Designers work on innovation on a daily basis, as they try to connect people to create a give and take type of community.


With the objective to make this industry even bigger and more successful, innovation has been the main focus as they continue to expand and include new members.


Chapel Designers are gaining a lot of attention, so influencers like The Perfect Palette are becoming increasingly interested in her work. Here you can read a featured article about them.


We wish the best to this group of enthusiastic floral designers that promote the beauty, love and passion for their craft.








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