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Turn your Wedding into the Royal Wedding

Turn your Wedding into the Royal Wedding

It is wedding season, every bride wants to be the spotlight this time of year. But let's be honest, this year’s attention pointed towards one specific bride, Meghan Markle in the royal wedding.


Now, we want to help you create a wedding just as incredible and mesmerizing as this year’s royal wedding.


What's there to grasp from Meghan and Prince Harry’s day? Besides uncountable Hollywood stars and the breathtaking Windsor Castle, we might have found some important details that you can apply to your own special creations.




We might have to break it to you on this one, the Windsor Castle may not be available for your wedding. Nevertheless, there are some details to consider when talking about location.


Is important for the bride and groom not to rush on this one, the whole site of the wedding is the base for the entire ambiance and decoration style for the event.


As the decorator of a wedding, it's up to you to adapt the type of centerpieces, flowers and decorations to the atmosphere of the venue.


Creating astonishing green paradises, with specks of color manifested in shapes of fresh and fragrant roses and peonies is the ideal setting any bride wishes for.


The question now is, which rose should I use? Or should I use Lilies instead? What colors and textures will merge best with the surroundings?


Now, there is no correct answer for these questions, because every location has its own unique atmosphere, it depends on you to understand and create something new and original to stand out.


You should go and visit the place you will be decorating, to get a vibe of what you are dealing with and really perceive the atmosphere to then create the best possible decoration.


That’s why, the first step is to know what you are working with. Recognize your available resources, tools and abilities and from that point on you can create your own masterpieces.



Well, the same happens when we talk about the royal wedding and what type of flowers were used. One of the first things we think about when talking about weddings and wedding preparations, is flowers.

A collections of garden roses, peonies and foxgloves sums it up.


Varying in different colors, these flowers took the spotlight in the decoration this past may 19.


Every bride dreams about this special day, and it must be recreated accordingly.


If they want their wedding to be colorful, completely white, yellowish or reddish is up to them, for your good luck you can always find a flower that suits those specifications.


If you need to recreate a snow white wedding, like the Royal Wedding, you can choose from a collection of garden roses that will fit in perfectly.


Some of this roses include the Classic Woman, Jeanne Moreau, and the White O’Hara; they all might seem alike because they’re all white garden roses, but each one has its charm.


To start with, the Classic Woman holds a firm body and white ivory petals which seem to shine like a bright light bulb.


It can go great to cheer up a wedding. It can add light and color if its a night wedding, or just accompany the natural bright colors of the day.


 As another option for white flowers, you can find the Jeanne Moreau. It has a more pure white rather than the Ivory White of the Classic Woman.


It may not add brightness like the Classic Woman, Nevertheless its snow white petals make it stand out if use correctly.


It is easy to make it contrast, if used in dark green arches or ceiling arrangements, this bad boys will make sure it looks jazzy and people will enjoy it.


Finally a more traditional one, the White O’Hara can also help your decorations be white and elegant just like in the Royal Wedding.


It may be more of a challenge to incorporate in your arrangements, due to its blushing center, nevertheless when use properly it irradiates beauty all around the place.


All this garden roses will surely make you the hero of the day, you will just have to decide and choose which type of decor you will go for.


If garden roses are not your style, using Peonies can be another valuable alternative.


The Duchesse White Dutch Peony is a magnificent flower to use; just by itself, its perfect shape and incredible white petals make it a masterpiece.

It can be the perfect alternative to use as centerpieces and arrangements, it will definitely add artistry and it will be something to talk about.

The white color of the petals of the Duchesse White Peony is truly pure and outstanding, it gives you as a designer endless opportunities and alternatives to work with.


Just by itself, this flower will already be amazing. Adding some of your own style and creativity will definitely be of the liking of anyone who enjoys your arrangements.


Another valuable option, regarding peonies, is the Blush Gardenia Dutch Peony.


This peony has its blushing petals, nevertheless it mixes with some pure white creating an interesting degrade.


If you are looking for a true white wedding this may not be the best option, but if you are looking for a twist this peony can do the thing.




Something people always talk about is the Bouquet a wide holds during her marriage, because it holds plenty of sentiment and meaning.


This year’s Royal Wedding Bouquet called everyone’s attention, for its flower were chosen and picked by Prince Harry himself.


The bouquet held a lot of meaning, since it hold a great amount of Forget me Nots which was Prince Diana’s favorite flower.


This said, there is no correct flower to use for a perfect bouquet, it depends on what the bride likes and what the bride feels.


Some of the valuable options, are sweet peas, lily of the valley and myrtle, since these were the flowers Meghan Markle held.


Lilies will always add delight and charisma, these are the type of flowers you definitely want in your bouquet.


Other great option for you to build a bride’s bouquet, is the white astilbe.


This elegant plant will add softness and delicacy to the bouquet, will make it look full of life and the bride will look perfect for her special day.


The white astilbe is known for its ability to be a filler and to add height, so you are expected to create something truly outstanding if you decide to use it.


Moreover, white astrantias are another great option!


This pointy and special little fellas will go great with some green plants in the bouquet.


We don’t want a bouquet that looks completely white and null, this astrantia will add freshness and beauty to a well built bouquet.


The white myrtle is known for its expression of love and hope, so it's always the “go for” potion to add sentiment and value to a bride’s bouquet.


Now, even though Greenchoice Flowers doesn't list myrtle flowers on its product list, we always encourage you to send us your wishlist since this is a product we can easily get for you.






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