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Event Designers: How to Deliver the Perfect Wedding Arrangement

Event Designers: How to Deliver the Perfect Wedding Arrangement

Weddings are one of our most valued celebrations. Planning is extensive, and, understandably, the bride and groom want everything to be perfect and magical on their special day. Every aspect of a wedding has to work together, and a lot of gravity rests on the floral arrangements. The process of choosing and delivering floral arrangements for a wedding can be stressful for both client and florist. So, how can you deliver the perfect wedding arrangement?

Here are five tips:

  1. Communicate with the Couple

Always, always, ALWAYS communicate with your clients. Talk to them about venue, color, linens, guest size, budget—everything. The worst thing you can do for both you and the happy couple is to miscommunicate any detail, which could turn disastrous on the big day. Suggest different styles and describe what they each entail. Focus on the visual details, like venue architecture, gown design, and wedding colors.

  1. Talk Logistics

Use your expertise here. Talk to your clients about their budget and the size of their arrangements. Explain that, while many of the larger, “fancier” flowers are pricier, they’ll take up more space in the arrangement and have a greater impact on the whole piece, ultimately saving money and time. Encourage clients to reuse ceremony arrangements for the reception, and offer your experience to try to paint the larger picture for them.

  1. Encourage the Client to Order Early

This is an important step for a couple reasons: for one, it’ll give you extra time to prepare before the wedding day. You’ll know ahead of time if you’re short on any supplies or if a flower needs to be ordered early. Basically, if you run into any snags, you’ll have enough time to sort them out before the big day, rather than causing everyone (including yourself) extra stress. The other reason this is important to communicate to your clients is that some flowers may take time to arrive. You’re going to need a proper amount of time to contact farms across the world for delivery, so encourage your clients to solidify plans at least six weeks in advance.

  1. Ask for Pictures

Thanks to the Internet there’s a good chance your client has a pretty specific idea in her mind of what she wants for her floral arrangement. Ask your client if he or she has any pictures of arrangements she may have found online so you can get a clearer idea of what your client is looking for. It can sometimes be difficult or a client to describe the arrangement she has pictured, so a visual can articulate what gets left out, eliminating any miscommunication.

  1. Create the Perfect Arrangement

This part is easy! Use all of the inspiration and information you’ve garnered from your client and create the perfect arrangement. You’re an artist and flowers are your medium. Whatever the result, your client will appreciate a beautiful arrangement that suits the wedding, and you’ll know exactly how to create it!

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